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The Evolution Kinship Disbanding

Faro / May 14, 2016
Unfortunately the officers and myself simply don't have the time on our hands to actively lead The Evolution anymore. The current content is poor attracting only a few players to the game. We've tried hard to select active recruiters to which nobody responded. Also a merge with another kinship would make us force members to join a particular kin while we all think that should be someones free choice. Which only leaves us with one option.

Disbanding The Evolution Kinship as a whole. This will happen on the 22th of May.

We are disbanding The Evolution with our heads held up high. We achieved everything we set our minds to and had a lot of fun in the process. We'll remember all the fun moments we had, maybe, just maybe coming back in a better time in LOTRO. We are gratefull to the members that where part of the amazing moments in The Evolution.

All the best!
- Farohelm & The Evolution Leadership team



[TheEvolution] Stilskin: 'that's a shame, best ambassadors to Laurelin when I came here :/'
Angolerond tells you, 'no worries i just think is sad to disband a kin like Evolution without evolution laurelin is not a place to be'
Sad to hear about this tho :(
Wish you all the best, wherever you travels gonna lead you to. Hope you gonna find a nice new home :)
Is the website staying up?
Yes it is Dav, at least for now.
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