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#11957646 Jan 15, 2016 at 03:15 PM
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Heey peeps, this thread is going out for INFORMATION perposes only, if theres gona be any changes in raid planner etc.

So recently we had on the raid planner a Flight to the lonley mountain raid 12 man, this raid i planned before Turbines so called (move from 32 bit to 64bit in New Jersey).

As u all might have experienced, it didnt go the way Turbine wanted it to go, so instead of removing the raid from the planner i made a thread in (News) Section of this forum, i said that im NOT going to Form/organize anything until Turbine have fixed it.

So some of you all might have missed it and due to i couldnt log on tueseday and wednesday and remove it from site it got a little missunderstood from everyone online at that time. But i took precasions, and removed all (Planned) things on raidplanner for now. Today 2016-01-15 (15:11 PM) Turbine is ading yet another hotfix in order to solve all the issues ingame. Now we have to show patience to Turbine, its not every company in world that still runs with 1 employe.... So i appologise to everyone for the missunderstanding that i created and will fix it in the future :)

But until then! Have fun and safe travels.
#11960533 Jan 16, 2016 at 10:50 AM
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Cool, no worries, good call to cancel whilst Turbine is still messing about / Froste
So..... is it sexual harassment if a dwarf says your hair smells good?
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