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Battle for Erebor T2cm

Date: Apr 24, 2016
Time: 08:30 PM
Posted by: Chabrion
Category: Instance / Raid
Not giving up that EZ!

Bring food scrolls and hope, maybe dat damn horseshoe for luck this time :)

Time is 8:30 PM CET, GMT+1
Tank (2)

1. Farohelm Captain

M. Ereborna Guardian

Damage (2)

3. Chabrion Champion

4. Meglorn Warden

Support (1)

2. Iisil Rune-keeper



Chab, I reset the raid since you put the time on 9:30 AM...
You where the only one signed up still, so thought you wouldn't mind <3

Froste posted he typically can't join on weekends, as a reply to that: Froste, I'll see to it that the next raid will run on a tuesday :)
• Sign up = Be there (No show = penalty | 1x too late = warning | 2x too late = penalty)
• Maybe = Good explanation why in the chatbox! (Sign-ups as 'maybe' without an explanation in the chat box will be turned into a 'yes' after 1 day)
• Sign off = Explain to the raid leader that you signed off and why. Preferably find a substitute player in your stead. (Not mentioning your sign off to the raid leader = penalty | 3x sign off without finding a substitute = penalty)
• Bring Hope/Food/Scrolls/Potions
• Make sure you can be on Teamspeak! Speaking no must, listening IS!
• Read up on the tactics

We yet again, expect 12 yesses! So get signing up peeps :)
Can't come due to work time, I come home at 10:30 PM, so im 2 hours late... :/
Swapped nights with the wife let me know what you need me to log when its time.
Thought I was gonna be able to attend this, but got invited over to a girl's house. Hope you understand m8s.
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